Some would call this dish a royal mess. Others would call it a cornucopia of mismatched tastes. And then others, such as ourselves, call it marvelous.

We started with a thick layer of deli ham and then laid down a layer of pepperjack cheese. A generous portion of jalapenos then formed the bed for boneless chicken breasts rubbed with garlic. Slices of pepperjack cheese then covered the chicken and on top of the cheese we placed a pound of mostly cooked bacon.

Why mostly cooked? We wanted it to finish cooking in the dish right alongside the chicken.

More sliced jalapenos got added and then we topped it all off with a blanket of pepperjack cheese.

Unnamed Bacon, Ham, Chicken & Cheese Dish w/ Jalapenos

Cooking time, we think, took around 45 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. We didn’t time it, really, and if you must know, it took roughly three beers worth of time to cook.

The outcome? Try it for yourself and find out. One hint, though… the cheese melted into an all-encompassing soup-like gravy and the wonderful taste of bacon permeated EVERY bite.

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