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LA Times Writer Admires Giant Beast of a Bacon Sandwich

Giant Beast of a Bacon Sandwich

While scanning through the internet for bacon links and bacon articles just now we located an article on the LA Times Web Site containing a link to the Giant Beast of a Bacon Sandwich.

This proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that bacon love exists on the West Coast, too. We always suspected it, but now we have proof.

We love it when a Bacon Plan comes together.

Don’t you?

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Giant Beast of a Bacon Sandwich

If anyone reading this blog posting finds this sandwich revolting, why the HELL did you come to this site in the first place? Take your sorry butt off our site and stop wasting our bandwidth! We don’t have TIME for people who think like… vegetarians!

Ha ha. Actually, vegetarians have some pretty cool bacon-less recipes. Some of our good friends live vegetarian lifestyles and they come here all the time to see what sort of bacon naughtiness we’ve posted.

So no, we don’t hate vegetarians. We hate people who criticize bacon. Case closed. Now enjoy the giant bacon sandwich… and the bottle of Wild Turkey next to it!

Beast of a Bacon Sandwich

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We harmed no vegetarians or vegans while writing this blog entry.

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