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Question: The Better Bacon Sandwich?

OK, we have had it up to HERE with all these fast food restaurants and chain restaurants filling up the airwaves, billboards and television commercials with their “Five Dollar” and “Dollar Menu” specials. Give it up, guys… Seriously. We get it already.

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes up the components of a “Value Meal”, what grade of ingredients go into a “five dollar meal”, and/or how much better you could eat for just two or three more dollars if you gave your dining plans more though than simply recalling the last overplayed commercial you heard or saw and marching sheep to the slaughter?

Well obviously WE did think about that ‘cuz we wrote a blog posting about it after discovering that in a sleepy little town in Orangeburg, SC we can get a sandwich that looks and tastes far better than…

Five Dollar Sandwich... Looks Sad, Doesn't It?
Example of a ‘Five Dollar Special’ — Looks Kinda’ Sad, Right?

We won’t TELL you who made the sandwich above, but we feel confident you can figure that out on your own. If not, then no one, not even the God of Bacon Him or Herself can help you…

Oh, and did you even SEE any bacon on that sandwich? Nothing! Not even a small, salty sliver! Horifying! Absolutely horrifying!

Moving on, though, wouldn’t you rather stop into a place like Four Moons for lunch where you can get a sandwich like…

Four Moons Triple Decker Sandwich Has... Big Bacon!
Triple Decker Sandwich… Has Visible Bacon!

Now for just a few dollars more we can get a sandwich that has large chunks of meaty, salty, tasty bacon piled high. No brainer, right?

So to conclude, perhaps YOU ought to expand your culinary range and explore some of your local eateries so that you, too, can find your own Four Moons lunchtime feast… instead of eating another one of those bargain priced meals.

The old addage still rings as true today as it did 100′s of years ago: You Get What You Pay For!

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Do We Eat Anything Other Than Bacon?

Such a stupid question, but still, since Amanda from St. Louis, MO took the time to ask we will humor her by replying.

“Yes, we eat things other than bacon. Despite how utterly awesome the idea sounds, mankind canNOT survive on bacon alone. Therefore we also eat items from the other important food groups: Meat, more meat, and more meat on top of that with a side dish of meat.”

For those curious about an example of a meat dish we absolutely LOVE even though it lacks bacon (nothing’s perfect), check out this killer Bison Steak we order at Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC.

Tender Bison Steak at Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC
Tender Bison Steak at Four Moons Restaurant

We hope this answers your question, Amanda. Now make yourself useful and go make us a double bacon sandwich, ya’ nosey little parasite!

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Applewood Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

In the last More Bacon Please entry we talked about a bacon stuffed chicken breast. This time we will talk about a juicy bacon concoction called “Applewood Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin”.

At the same restaurant (Four Moons) where we spotted the bacon stuffed chicken breast we also spied the Applewood Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin… and ordered it.

Applewood Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin — Maple Caramelized Butternut Squash, Broccolini, Polenta Spoonbread, Savory Maple Jus

With a bacon sexy description like that, could YOU resist ordering that meal? We didn’t think so.

Applewood Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin -- Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC
Applewood Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin at Four Moons Restaurant

Gorgeous looking meal, right? Tender, juicy pork loin cuddling up with good quality applewood bacon resulted in a taste so good it’d make ya’ want to slap your mama.

Verdict: The chefs at Four Moons sure do know how to make a bacon lover happy. We give this sexy bacon dish a rating of 5 strips out of a possible five!

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Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast

Last weekend some family members came into town and that sort of event warrants a trip out to a fancy restaurant. Now in our experience, we have seen that most fancy restaurants don’t have any bacon items on their menus… so oh, what a sweet relief to see bacon on the menu!

Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast as described on the menu:

“Pan Roasted Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast with Summer Vegetables, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Natural Pan Juices.”

Upon seeing Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast on the menu the decision to order it for dinner happened immediately. I mean, seriously, who can say no to bacon — especially when it gets stuffed into another meat!

Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast -- Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC
Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast — Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC

Gorgeous looking meal and you can clearly see how fat the chef had stuffed the chicken breast with bacon! And look! The giant hunk of meat even came with vegetables and sauce of some sort!

We apologize for not having pictures of the inside of the Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast. The damn thing tasted so good and disappeared so quickly of the plate that we didn’t have TIME to take any pictures.

Therefore, check your local restaurant menus for Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast, find a swank little joint that prepares this awesome dish and find out for yourself what the inside looks like… or you can visit Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC like we did.

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An Awesome Triple Decker Sandwich Has Bacon, Of Course!

If you ever find yourself traveling past exit 145 on US 26 in Orangeburg, South Carolina around lunchtime and you have a hankering for a triple decker sandwich (Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, and Tomato on Nine Grain Toast) that will knock your silly ass into a food coma… take a really quick detour off of US 26 to Four Moons Restaurant.

Just LOOK at this wonderful monstrosity of lunchtime goodness — complete w/ healthy strips of Applewood Bacon, of course!

Four Moons Triple Decker Sandwich

How did we find this place? None of your business… but we highly suggest you venture out there for lunch or dinner one day. You will leave fat, dumb, happy and questioning whether or not you just had a kick ass meal in Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago, Boston or… Orangeburg, South Carolina?!?!?

Four Moons’ Menus speak for themselves! Oh, and a 4 Diamond Rating from AAA says a lot, too.

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Chicken Wrapped Bacon?

The name “Chicken Wrapped Bacon” sounded like something we would create in our own kitchen when we had two things available to us: chicken and bacon. So therefore, we believed we knew what to expect:

Americas Best MySpace Foods Comments

  • a super fat marinated chicken breast stuffed with bacon or;
  • a cornish game hen with a few pounds of bacon rammed up its butt or;
  • a live chicken running around with strips of pork, beef or turkey products clogging its rear blow hole

The first two options we could handle but the third, no way. Thankfully we just threw that third option in for a bit of humor. Kinda’ like the reason why we threw a few silly pictures into this post.

Americas Best MySpace Sex Comments

So anyways, we learned of this new dish from a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a guy that once played poker with the guy who runs the restaurant where they serve this dish. The restaurant, Four Moons in Orangeburg, SC, has a reputation for having some really cool, really tasty and really unique offerings on its menus.

To quote off the Four Moons Dinner Menu, “Chicken Wrapped Bacon” consists of…

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast Wrapped Around Slow Roasted Pork Belly, with Yukon Potato Butter Sauce, Crispy Parsnips, and Spinach with Gruyere.

Wow. Not quite anything from the list of three possibilities we thought of, but damn that sounds good. We can practically taste the juices from the pork belly oozing through the chicken meat as we write this.

Hopefully someone will get us a picture of this dish ‘cuz… well, we want one!

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