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Pepper Bacon Wrapped Chicken Chunks

We write this blog entry for the REAL motherfroggers out there in Bacon Land… for the HARDWORKING bastards (like us) who just can’t seem to catch a break these days.

The other week we ran into some serious financial woes and found ourselves scrounging for change in the sofa cushions and having to actually plan our meals instead of just opening the fridge/freezer, picking a bacon, selecting a ‘side item’, cooking and eating.

Below you will see chicken breasts that we cut into smaller, no longer man-sized portions, and wrapped w/ a few slices of black pepper bacon we had left over from a previous bacon feast.

Pepper Bacon Wrapped Chicken Chunks
Pepper Bacon Wrapped Chicken Chunks

Though we did feel incredibly grateful that we at least had food to eat, making what you see in the photo last for 2 dinners and 2 lunches really sucked. Thankfully we had lots of crack cocaine to smoke between meals so we never felt any hunger pains. LOL.

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Bacon Wrapped Ribeyes

The other day we found ourselves faced with a wonderful situation: We had beer, bacon AND a couple of ribeye steaks. Therefore we drank the beer and wrapped the bacon around the ribeyes. Seemed like the right thing to do. We suggest you try it sometime. Preferably on the day you ask us to come over for dinner. Ha ha!

Bacon Wrapped Ribeye Steaks

Please accept our deepest and most sincere apologies for not having pictures of the cooked bacon-wrapped ribeye steaks. We unfortunately drank all the beers we had at the house, got drunk, cooked the steaks, and ate without remembering to take pictures. Oops.

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Bacon Wrapped… Kielbasa Links!

If the very thought of taking meat and wrapping MORE meat around it does not make your mouth water, did you hit your head recently or did you get abducted by a roving band of vegetarians who brainwashed the common sense right out of you? No offense to any vegetarians reading this — as if any would anyways!

So anyways, we saw bacon in the fridge and a pack of kielbasa links. Naturally after some quick mathematics, and a few cold beers, we put two and two together… and came up with six. See below.

Bacon Wrapped Kielbasa Links

Gorgeous little meaty bastards, ain’t they? Makes you wanna’ fire up the grill, crank up the oven, or break out the crack torch… and cook ‘em up nice and tasty like!

We apologize for the bad grammar in that last paragraph. Not really, but we figured some of you fools might actually think we care about things like… feelings. Look, pal, we love bacon, meat and more bacon. We have no time for your silly little… feelings.

Please accept our apologies for the lame attempt at an apology contained in the previous paragraph… even though we meant every word we said. Wrote. Whatever.

Can we PLEASE get to the cooked bacon wrapped kielbasa links now?

Bacon Wrapped Kielbasa Links

There you have it, folks… big wieners wrapped in a slimy pink salty and stretchy sheath.

WTF? Sorry for that last description. The bacon wrapped kielbasa links looked and tasted fabulous. We didn’t mean to gross anyone out.

Actually, yes we did. Can you tell we didn’t take our meds AND downed a fifth of vodka tonight? Ha ha…

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Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Chicken Franks

While some people look down on non-beef hot dogs, some people, like us for example, have a budget for groceries and cannot always buy Nathan’s All Beef or Hebrew National franks. Therefore we look to the right or left of those hot dog brands and sometimes discover things a lot of people may overlook… such as Jumbo Chicken Franks.

Wrap those meaty bastards in regular or thick sliced bacon and throw them on the grill for a real treat!

Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Chicken Franks Ready for the Grill

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Bacon Wrapped Cheese Filled Bratwurst

Some people have asked if we ever experiment with bacon on our own… Well DUH! Of course we do! As a matter of fact, over the weekend we found the time to take a normally very unhealthy food and make it more unhealthy — by adding bacon!

Everyone know that bratwurst contains lots of fat. It naturally follows that cheese filled bratwurst contains even more fat. And finally, logic dictates that bacon-wrapped cheese filled bratwurst would contain the most fat.

Logic ALSO dictates that bacon-wrapped cheese filled bratwurst tastes absolutely delicious! Take a look at these before and after pictures and see for yourself!

Bacon wrapped cheese filled bratwurst

The sight of these meaty bastards before cooking nearly took our breath away… but the smell of them as they cooked in the oven DID take our breath away!

Bacon wrapped cheese filled bratwurst

To define the taste, just imagine all the salty goodness of bacon mingling splendidly with the texture of the bratwurst and topped off with a cheesy core for dessert.

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