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Twenty Seconds of Sizzle

Yep. Sometimes a man has to go w/o the things he loves most in life. Sometimes, bacon makes that list. EGADS!

But anyways, for all out there who have gone w/o bacon today, this sizzle’s for you!

If the video does not play w/in a few seconds, you can See The Video by Clicking Here

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Sex Worker Loves Bacon

Now this next bacon-related video has very little to do with bacon, except for the very last woman interviewed. Yet this barely bacon-related video deserves your attention because it shows that sex workers, just like you and the rest of us, can own cats, talk to our parents daily, enjoy science fiction… and really, really, really, REALLY love bacon.

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Japanese Bacon Video?

Leave it to the Japanese to turn wonderful bacon into a strange and almost frightening video reminiscent of that weird show where groups of contestants dress up like morons and fight their way through ridiculous obstacle courses which cause grievous bodily harm to most of the contestants. I think they called it MXC.

OK, curiosity got the best of us and we looked up the origin of that MXC show on Spike TV: Takeshi’s Castle. Sorry. We just HAD to know… and now we HAVE to show you some… bacon!

After watching that bacon video we found ourselves strangely relieved that they never showed “Bacon and Sushi!”

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