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Bacon on a Breakfast Creation

OK, so bacon normally goes quite well as part of a breakfast dish so you probably wonder why we bothered to post an entry about bacon as part of a breakfast creation.

Simple: Because it has bacon on it! Duh!

Spontaneous Bacon Creation for Breakfast

Looks weird, yes we know, but damn it tasted good! Each serving contained a hashbrown, a super tasty high quality strip of meaty bacon, melted pepperjack cheese, and a fried egg.

Now picture, if you will, all this wonderful breakfast food piping hot and on your plate… just waiting for you to pop the yolk of the egg, carve off a healthy chunk which includes every ingredient, and stuff it in your face.

Verdict: Bacon has once again made us happy. Sometimes it really pays to… cook with bacon.

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Bacon, Potato, Ham, Cheese & Jalapeno Bake

OK, so last night we decided two things: 1) We needed to eat bacon and 2) We needed to clean out some things from the kitchen. So therefore we did as any bacon-loving, budget-conscious people would do… we figured out a way to clean out the kitchen and create a wonderful bacon dish at the same time!

Picture taken before baking…

Potatoes, Ham, Cheeses, Jalapenos.. and BACON!

In order of addition to this masterpiece of culinary tastiness…. A layer of deli ham, a layer of sliced jalapenos, a layer of pepperjack cheese, lots of diced potatoes, small dabs of minced garlic, shredded monterey & colby cheese filling in cracks in the top potato layer, strips of pepperjack cheese, crumbled BACON, and a little more colby & monterey cheese. Baked in oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Then cranked oven to 425 for a few minutes to really get juices boiling. Removed from oven, let cool for a bit, and ate. End of story.


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Bacon Fried Chicken — a State Fair Favorite?

Apparently the greasiness of fried chicken did not satisfy the needs of some people… so they decided to wrap it in bacon before frying. Talk about a delicious idea, right?

Well this great idea came from Glen Kusak, a man who worked for 12 years straight as a food vendor at the Texas State Fair but had never entered the Big Tex Choice Awards until 2008 — when he won!

Bacon Fried Chicken

Just the idea of sinking our teeth into the wonderful meat masterpiece makes us drool all over ourselves. Somebody get some towels!

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