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Bacon Eating Contest in Boston

Pretty much any bacon lover would give their left arm and a few vital organs for a chance to sit at the table and chow down on bacon like a wild animal. I mean, seriously… Isn’t that ANY carnivore’s dream?

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Bacon’s Most Important Characteristic?

Well aside from the fact that it just simply TASTES good, all we can tell a person ‘new’ to the wonderful world of bacon-tasting is… it’s all up to THEM to decide what flavor or taste they like the most.

  • Some people prefer a deep, rich smoky bacon that leaves them with the taste of flavorful wood long after they’ve chewed their last piece of bacon and swallowed it down.

  • Some people want their bacon to sing with all the sweetness that rich, thick maple syrup and/or brown sugar can deliver.

  • You will even find somne people who want their bacon’s salt content to pucker tongues worse than sucking on rock sea salt straight out of the bag.

  • There exists another type of bacon lover who craves the greasy film that some bacons will leave in the mouth of their consumers. In other words, the fattier the strip, the happier the bacon eater.

  • Now directly opposite the last type of bacon lover you will find the meat lover who craves big, hearty and thick slabs of bacon with very little fat on them. This bacon eater loves the challenge of tearing into the meaty parts of a freshly cooked bacon strip.

Other types of bacon lovers exist, but those exemplify the majority of bacon lovers we have encountered in our years of bacon chomping.

Oh, wait… We forgot the RAW bacon lover. Much less common than the other types we have found, but definitely a lover of bacon in its purest form. A lot of times you will find this bacon lover milling about in your local butcher shop hunting for the perfect fresh cut bacon to wrap around hunks of fresh cantaloupe.

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