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Good Bacon, Bad Photography

We never claimed to have an art degree or lots of high tech photographic equipment so before you bother complaining about the poor quality of the image in this bacon blog entry, think about what we just said and feel relieved that we only photograph the bacon we eat and not ourselves eating bacon… in the bathroom.

So anyways, I awoke one day this weekend to the wonderful smell of… cat shit. No, just kidding. I awoke to the glorious aroma of bacon cooking. Apparently my girlfriend and her son got hungry before I even felt like crawling out of bed. Maybe I really DIDN’T need those last four or five beers at the tail end of the prior evening. Hmmmm…..

After gathering my wits about me and making sure I could walk down the hall without stepping on the cat, bouncing off the walls, or falling flat on my face, I sat down and allowed my eyes to focus on…

Bacon and Eggs

… bacon and eggs on my plate. Coincidentally, and somewhat ironically, I dare say that the photograph does an excellent job of showing you the plate of food (very tasty food) exactly as I saw it — through my half-asleep, possibly still swimming in beer eyes.

Needless to say I made quick work of the eggs and bacon and throughly enjoyed my breakfast.

Verdict: Bacon & eggs work quite well and taste quite good at hours other than 3:17 AM and locations other than Waffle House or Denny’s.

Due to the awesome timing of the bacon meal it received the coveted 5 bacon strip rating out of a possible 5. Congratulations, Bacon & Eggs!

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Bacon on a Breakfast Creation

OK, so bacon normally goes quite well as part of a breakfast dish so you probably wonder why we bothered to post an entry about bacon as part of a breakfast creation.

Simple: Because it has bacon on it! Duh!

Spontaneous Bacon Creation for Breakfast

Looks weird, yes we know, but damn it tasted good! Each serving contained a hashbrown, a super tasty high quality strip of meaty bacon, melted pepperjack cheese, and a fried egg.

Now picture, if you will, all this wonderful breakfast food piping hot and on your plate… just waiting for you to pop the yolk of the egg, carve off a healthy chunk which includes every ingredient, and stuff it in your face.

Verdict: Bacon has once again made us happy. Sometimes it really pays to… cook with bacon.

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