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The George Burger… With Bacon, Of Course!

Here at More Bacon Please we have an undying love for bacon… and so do most of our friends! These next two pics come from a good friend from way, way back named George and MAN does this flippin’ massively baconified burger look great!

The George Burger

Naturally you ant to know what went into “The George Burger”, right? Of course you do! In the words of this bacon-a-licious burger’s creator,

“3/4 lb of lean burger meat stuffed w/ horseradish, freshly grated cheddar, handfuls of crumbled bacon… then topped w/ swiss cheese. Oh, and of course more bacon!”

We will forgive George for neglecting to mention what looks like mayonnaise and lettuce on the burger once it got cut open, which happens in the next pic.

The George Burger Cut Open

So if you ever feel the need to eat a giant, meaty, bacon-stuffed, beast-sized burger with a whole lot of flavor, give George’s recipe a try!

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Hot Girl and a Thick… Bacon Burger

We have not much of a clue as to the name of the beautiful babe holding the bacon burger, and frankly we don’t give a rat’s ass. This young woman, most likely a model of some sort, takes eating a big ass burger topped with…. BACON…. to a whole new lusty level.

Thank you, Hardee’s, for the gratuitous bacon licking scene!

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Gut Buster Bacon Filled Monster Burger

Some things defy logic while others defy common sense. This gigantic piece of edible madness defies logic, common sense and all things held sacred by the average human.

This mammoth of a sandwich/burger goes by the name of Gut Buster

Gut Buster Burger

Now that you’ve SEEN the Gut Buster, now you get to learn what makes up the Gut Buster:

And no evening featuring all things bacon would be complete without a star, a bright shining star that eclipses all other food items, a truly epic piece of food destined to destroy us all in a white hot supernova.

That food item is known as The Gutbuster (pictured), and it is truly horrifying. The Gutbuster is a double bacon cheeseburger with — are you ready for this — two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches as a bun (no lettuce or tomato, that stuff’s for wimps). ( source )

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