Do you have problems in the mornings that involve running out of time to sit down to a good, healthy breakfast? Do you frequently find yourself running around like a headless chicken as you scramble to get your oversleeping ass out the door and on your way to work?

If so, then you have probably had some interesting food items next to you on the front seat of your car before… kinda’ like the pic below, perhaps?

Diet Mountain Dew and Bacon for Breakfast

You, too, can experience a moment like we did if you cook the bacon the night before. Then simply hit ‘snooze’ too many times the next morning, run around trying to get ready for work in half the time you really need, grab the bacon and diet dew, and get on down the road.

Not the healthiest breakfast in the world, no, but it DOES contain bacon and caffeine… so shut the Hell up and enjoy!