We don’t know of a single bacon lover on this planet that does not appreciate and enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds associated with bacon cooking in a pan. To a tried and true bacon lover, even the crappiest bacon in Earth sizzling in a pan will still draw saliva.

With that said, we want ALL of you to think of the one brand of bacon that others knock, but you still buy… because it doesn’t break the bank, cooks up pretty decently, etc., etc. For everyday bacon cooking events ot OUR house we stand by the “Carolina Pride” brand of bacon. Thick sliced, if possible, please.

We may have to weed through a few packs of bacon in the store searching for the pack that looks the way we want it to in terms of its fat-to-meat ratio, but we never leave the bacon aisle emptyhanded and Carolina Pride (Thick Cut) bacon always cooks up in a way that we enjoy.

Sheesh… All this talk about Carolina Pride bacon has made me hungry.

Carolina Pride Bacon in the Pan

Wow. If a site like THAT doesn’t get you bacon motors running then you may have died… and become a vegetarian! lol.

Now go out and buy that favorite bacon brand you like so much and cook up some bacon right now! That’s a direct order, soldier!