As much as we LOVE eating, smelling and even just talking about bacon and its meaty glory, sometimes we stumble across a bacon item that makes us… wonder how much weed (marijuana, kind bud, herb, etc.) a person had to smoke in order to come up with such an idea.

Culinary experts have successfully blended a large number of sweet and salty flavors for hundreds of years so why not combine the sweetness of fine chocolate and the salty goodness of bacon, right? With that said, we now present “Bacon Infused Chocolate” for your viewing pleasure:

Bacon Infused Chocolate Bar

A friend of ours found this bacon infused chocolate treat in a gourmet foods store which sold a variety of unique foods — some of which she said would probably not get sold at all, to anyone, if they didn’t have inflated pricetags and the word ‘gourmet’ plastered all over their labels.

Verdict: The bacon infused chocolate bar did not win our hearts despite having bacon in it. This may have happened because we felt the bacon had too smoky a flavor to it and it reminded us more of bacon flavoring than actual bacon and we don’t really get down with sweets all that often. Just not our thing, ya’ know?

Oh, and let us not forget that the candy bar cost someone we know seven or eight dollars. She could have gotten two (or more) pounds of actual real bacon for that much money!

Rating: 1 bacon slice out of 5… and that’s only ‘cuz we refuse to use fractions and nothing w/ bacon in it, no matter how horrible, deserves a rating of 0 slices.