If you ever find yourself traveling past exit 145 on US 26 in Orangeburg, South Carolina around lunchtime and you have a hankering for a triple decker sandwich (Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, and Tomato on Nine Grain Toast) that will knock your silly ass into a food coma… take a really quick detour off of US 26 to Four Moons Restaurant.

Just LOOK at this wonderful monstrosity of lunchtime goodness — complete w/ healthy strips of Applewood Bacon, of course!

Four Moons Triple Decker Sandwich

How did we find this place? None of your business… but we highly suggest you venture out there for lunch or dinner one day. You will leave fat, dumb, happy and questioning whether or not you just had a kick ass meal in Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago, Boston or… Orangeburg, South Carolina?!?!?

Four Moons’ Menus speak for themselves! Oh, and a 4 Diamond Rating from AAA says a lot, too.