The name “Chicken Wrapped Bacon” sounded like something we would create in our own kitchen when we had two things available to us: chicken and bacon. So therefore, we believed we knew what to expect:

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  • a super fat marinated chicken breast stuffed with bacon or;
  • a cornish game hen with a few pounds of bacon rammed up its butt or;
  • a live chicken running around with strips of pork, beef or turkey products clogging its rear blow hole

The first two options we could handle but the third, no way. Thankfully we just threw that third option in for a bit of humor. Kinda’ like the reason why we threw a few silly pictures into this post.

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So anyways, we learned of this new dish from a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a guy that once played poker with the guy who runs the restaurant where they serve this dish. The restaurant, Four Moons in Orangeburg, SC, has a reputation for having some really cool, really tasty and really unique offerings on its menus.

To quote off the Four Moons Dinner Menu, “Chicken Wrapped Bacon” consists of…

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast Wrapped Around Slow Roasted Pork Belly, with Yukon Potato Butter Sauce, Crispy Parsnips, and Spinach with Gruyere.

Wow. Not quite anything from the list of three possibilities we thought of, but damn that sounds good. We can practically taste the juices from the pork belly oozing through the chicken meat as we write this.

Hopefully someone will get us a picture of this dish ‘cuz… well, we want one!